Engage reluctant readers

Easy to Teach State Standards

Literal enables you to find relevant examples of state standards in the books students want to read.

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A Macbook with the Literal reading interace.

For Educators

Complement in-class reading groups with features like optional discussions, annotations, assessments, and live tracking to ensure students stay on task.

A computer screen showing the Literal reading interface.
A mobile phone with the Literal app.

Differentiate your reading instruction.

Literal allows you to create differentiated reading groups within a class for either whole class, small group, or independent reading. Easily manage different assignments, and align students with specific state standards.

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Customizable character enable students to see themselves in the books they read

Character avatars

Students can customize character avatars. Doing so, lets them relate more to the books as they choose characters they can relate to.

Custom casts

After students customize character avatars they can save their customizations as a collection or a “cast” of characters.

Browse and share

With teacher approval, students can share, browse, select, and read a text with a character cast created by other students.

Get the conversation started with digital social reading

Customizable character avatars make reading more personal and enjoyable by enabling students to choose and share custom profile pictures for each character in a text.

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A woman holding a mobile phone showing the Literal app.
A mobile phone with the Literal app.

Feels like a group chat

Group annotations

Students within your assigned class can annotate passages within the text for other group members to see, learn from, and comment on together.
A mobile phone with the Literal app.


Group comments

The optional class discussion forum allows students to answer questions and discuss and comment in ways that show comprehension throughout the book.

Class comments

Students comment with classmates on passages in a text.

Private notes

Students create notes that only they and their teacher can see.

Emoji reactions

Students express their response to individual passages with emojis.


Students create bookmarks on individual passages within a text.

A laptop showing the Literal app interface.

Want to keep a pulse on student activity?

Gain real-time insight and visibility into what students are doing within Literal including trending activity such as average reading level and reading rate.

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