Community Lockdown: Ensuring a Safe Learning Environment

Literal's Community Lockdown feature offers educators the flexibility to customize the platform's community features according to their classroom needs. Whether you're looking to limit distractions or ensure a safe online environment, our lockdown settings have got you covered.

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Tailored Classroom Experience

Choose which community features to activate or deactivate, be it classroom discussions, journaling, or title access. Customize the experience for the entire class or individual students.

AI-Powered Moderation

Trust in Literal's advanced AI moderation to filter out inappropriate content. From comments to customized casts, our AI ensures a safe and respectful community for all.

Teacher Dashboard Oversight

Review student interactions, from comments to avatars, in the teacher dashboard. While our AI does the heavy lifting, educators have the final say in ensuring content appropriateness.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Community Lockdown

Can I customize the lockdown settings for individual students?

Yes, Literal allows you to customize the experience for individual students, ensuring a tailored learning environment.

How does Literal's AI moderation work?

Literal's AI moderation uses advanced algorithms to detect and filter out inappropriate content, ensuring a safe and respectful community.

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Prioritizing Safety with Community Lockdown

Literal understands the importance of a safe online learning environment. With our Community Lockdown feature, educators have the tools to ensure a respectful and distraction-free classroom.

Key Features of Community Lockdown

Customizable Settings

Tailor the community experience to suit your classroom's needs.

AI Moderation

Trust in advanced AI to filter out inappropriate content.

Teacher Dashboard

Review and oversee student interactions for added peace of mind.

Flexible Control

Adjust settings for the entire class or individual students.