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Dive deeper into literature with Literal's journaling feature, allowing students to pen private notes within books, fostering reflection, comprehension, and a personal connection to the text.

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Academic Success through
Personal Reflections

As readers traverse new literary landscapes, journaling offers a space to capture thoughts, insights, and emotions, enriching the reading experience.

Privacy & Personalization

Each journal entry remains confidential, visible only to the student and their teacher, ensuring a safe space for genuine reflections and observations.

A Tool for Assessment

Teachers can utilize journal entries to gauge comprehension, track progress, and understand a student's perspective, making it an invaluable assessment tool.

Testimonials & Feedback


"Journaling on Literal has made my lessons more interactive. It's a dynamic way to assign homework and gauge student engagement."


Middle School English Teacher

Benefits of Journaling on Literal

Enhanced Comprehension

By jotting down thoughts, students can better process and understand complex narratives and themes.

Progress Tracking

Teachers can monitor journal entries to see how students evolve in their understanding and engagement with a book.

Personal Literary Journey

Journaling allows students to document their personal journey through a book, capturing moments of insight, confusion, and epiphany.

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