Assigned Titles with Literal

Streamline your curriculum and ensure alignment with state standards. Literal's platform is designed to simplify the process of assigning specific titles, chapters, and more to students.

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Seamless Integration

With integrations like Google Classroom, Clever, and other LMS platforms, syncing your assignments with Literal is a breeze.

Comprehensive Reporting

Track student progress, measure comprehension, and grade quizzes with ease. Literal's reporting features provide insights into each student's journey through the assigned titles.

Curriculum Alignment

Struggling to find content that aligns with state standards? Literal's classics are meticulously curated, making it effortless for teachers to match students with relevant reading material.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Assigned Titles

Can I restrict access to certain titles?

Yes, Literal allows educators to lock down access to specific titles, ensuring students stay focused on the assigned reading.

How does Literal ensure students are actually reading and understanding the content?

Literal tracks student progress, reading speed, and comprehension. Combined with quiz features, educators get a comprehensive view of each student's understanding.

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Simplify Assigned Reading with Literal

Say goodbye to the challenges of paperback books and manual tracking. Literal's platform ensures students stay on track with their assigned reading, providing educators with the tools they need for success.