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Literal turns popular books into a digital reading experience that’s 68% more engaging than social media. It’s addicting (in a good way).

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You're One Step Away From Transforming Your Reading Classroom

Literal gives you a brand-new way to...


Transform your approach to hooking students on books with Literal's group-chat reading format.

Find the perfect book

With a look and feel like Netflix, Literal helps you find each kid their just-right title.

Make data-informed decisions

Like tracking and data features pinpoint students' preferences, level, and speed.

Reach every

Ditch the drudgery of differentiation with built-in scaffolds for kids at every level.

Look like a

Leave parents and colleagues saying "Wow!" as disengaged students begin to love reading.

See students

Literal's social reading experience gives every kid the chance to grapple with great books.

Improve students

Scaffolds, translations, audiobooks, and more offer readers of all levels a pathway to reading.

Students Hate Books?
They'll Love Literal

Getting bored students to stick with a book is EXHAUSTING. And the kids who need the most practice are the hardest to motivate. But those kids haven't tried Literal...

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It's Like Magic
for Reluctant Readers

Boring books made for bored readers. Literal fixes this, and it feels like magic.

With a fun reading format, 1000s of options, and an audiobook for every title, even the most reluctant readers will get hooked on books.

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Don't Try to Fight
the Power of Technology

Of course, students are addicted to phones. Let's use that tech to get them hooked on reading.

Literal's Netflix-like library lets kids scroll to find their favorites. When the reading starts, it feels texting with friends.

It's the perfect recipe for creating voracious readers.

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68% More Engaging than Social

Reluctant readers treat paper books like relics of the past. And the novelty of e-readers wears off fast.

But these kids love Literal.

Nothing hooks struggling readers faster than Literal's group-chat reading experience.

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Gamification Done Right

Stop giving out candy for reading. Put away your prize basket.

Literal use real brain science and non-gimmicky gamification to engage your most reluctant readers.

This makes kids motivated to read - not just win prizes.

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Can't Stop

Literal's fun, engaging format feels like a text message group chat.

Students immediately lose themselves in a book (yes, even Shakespeare!)

With instant access to hundreds of titles, students can read for hours.

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How Literal Promotes Close Reading in a Fun Way


Students can annotate passages for classmates to see, learn from, and discuss together.

Classroom Discussions

Optional forum lets students discuss questions to deepen comprehension while reading.

Note Taking

Once students are hooked on a book, they can pause and process through their own annotations.

Question &

Assess student thinking and kick-off discussion and writing with Q&A prompts.


Guide your students or prompt their thinking through customized in-book comments.


There's a reason your grandmother uses emojis. They're great to share reactions, especially when reading.

Customized Books

As your students read, Literal will offer them titles that fit their interest level.


Help students build discussion and collaboration skills through interactive book clubs.

Customer testimonials

"I noticed kids being more interested in physical books after they see how fun reading is on Literal. Literal helps students start to understand the appeal of reading."

A Florida educator in Palm Beach

“Literal is a tool that can engage students,- especially in late middle and early high school - who struggle with the very problem Literal is trying to solve: reading interest, engagement and achievement. There are many “solutions” being developed and supported for early childhood reading instruction and intervention, but there are very few solutions, if any, that are meeting the needs of our adolescent learners.”

District Parent Involvement and Compliance Coordinator, Large School District inGeorgia

"What the students like best about Literal is that it looks like texting while you are reading. They like the choice of tap or autoplay and competing for who has the most reading points."

Jodi Johnson Educator using Literal in Utah

"I previously worked as a literacy coach and I am fascinated at the innovative way Literal is reshaping the reading experience for students."

Program Manager, Explore Schools

"As a HS teacher who has worked with both ELL and Sped students each year that I have taught, I personally know the struggle of encouraging a student to read. The built-in features and user interface that Literal has built is so helpful for these populations. (Literal) is filling such a needed space in education."

High School English Teacher, Frisco ISD

“We’ve been working with Literal’s technology for about a month, but we have been waiting for something like Literal for much longer! We carry over 3 million print titles and 2 million ebook titles from close to 18,000 publishers and have never seen a reading engagement product like Literal.”

Director of Professional Learning of a leading National Educational Reseller

“My two daughters are not readers. I showed them Literal and they didn’t believe it was a real book. The next day, I took them to the bookstore and had them pick up the real book they were reading on Literal the day before and they didn’t believe it was the same thing. Even better, they read all the way to page 40 in the real book.”

A Former State Educator in Georgia, also foundin gher own charter school

“We, like the other 100 charter schools in Utah, want to ensure that our combined 70,000students have access to the best tools and resources they need for a high quality education.Literal holds the potential to be one of those resources.”

Academic Director of a Charter School

“My students are more engaged than ever which makes me so very happy!”“A student came into class and asked to continue to read the book she started the night before on Literal because she liked it so much. That’s never happened before!”

A Utah educator who uses Literal in her classroom

Save Hours Matching
Kids with Books

Teachers know it takes one book to get students reading. But finding that one book can take hours.

With Literal's massive library and scrollable format - your kids are bound to find a book that they can't put down.

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Like a Portable
Librarian for each Kid

Wherever students' devices go, they can access Literal's library and personalized book recommendations.

Don't depend on library access to keep kids reading.

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Instantly See Who Needs Extra Support or More Challenge

Live Tracking

Get a live look at students' reading. Follow their thinking through comments and notes.

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Activity Feed

Lets students see when peers login, open books, and make character cast changes.

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Use a leaderboard to show progress and accomplishments. You control what you show.

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Student Progress

Students' dashboard with books finished, reading speed and Lexile level.

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3 Reason Literal Is Easy for Teachers

1. Find text fast: Lightning-fast search helps you find books on State Reading lists, or pair fiction with nonfiction.

2. Seamless Tech: Easy rostering with Clever, Chromebook optimization, and LMS integration save precious class time.

3.Formative Assessment: Tired of exit splits? Follow students' progress in real-time and intervene when needed.

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...And 3 Reason It's Easy for Students

1. Discover: Literal's beautiful, scrollable library makes finding the right book a joy.

2. ELL Support: Students can quickly define words or translate them to their native language.

3. Convenience: Literal is accessible on students' personal devices, so they can keep reading on the go.

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Feel Confident when Admins Visit

Every teacher has one class you don't want for an observation.

But what if the principal saw that class glued in books? Reading, annotating, and discussing?

It's not a dream. It's Literal.

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Casting Gives Students Ownership

With teacher permission, students can customize character avatars, save their own cast, and share character sets with classmates.

This personalization motivates students, gives them more ownership of their experience, and makes learning fun.

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Audiobooks and Auto-play Helps Students Focus

Because every Literal title comes with a 100% original and unabridged audiobook, students can practice immersion reading by listening and reading at the same time.

When audio is paired with Literal's Autoplay feature to keep the text moving, students can improve comprehension, maintain focus, and increase reading speed.

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All Kids Can Access Themes and Topics

Worst case scenario: a struggling reader gets content that feels baby-ish. Now, they're bored c insulted.

With powerful scaffolds to help kids access texts, and choices for every interest and culture, the most reluctant readers will find a book they love - and can read

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