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Group Discussion

Foster collaborative learning with Literal's group discussion feature, enabling students to engage in vibrant conversations about the text, share insights, and learn from their peers.

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Driving Engagement with
Collective Conversations

Group discussions on Literal act as a catalyst for student engagement, drawing them back to participate, respond, and delve deeper into literary discussions.

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Classroom Control & Customization

Teachers have the autonomy to manage permissions, deciding who can participate in discussions, and on which books, ensuring a tailored classroom experience.

Safety & Transparency

With multi-layered filters detecting inappropriate content and full visibility into every comment, Literal ensures a safe and transparent discussion environment.

Educators & Students on Literal's Group Discussion Feature

"Group discussions have transformed my classroom dynamics. Students are more engaged, actively participating, and learning collaboratively."

Rajesh M.

High School English Teacher

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Benefits of Group Discussions

Collaborative Learning

Students can share insights, ask questions, and learn from diverse perspectives, enriching their understanding of the text.

Automated Moderation

With advanced filters in place, teachers can focus on guiding discussions without worrying about policing comments.

Personalized Classroom Experience

Tailor discussions to fit classroom needs, from revoking permissions for specific students to controlling discussions on particular books.