Introducing Casting - a groundbreaking feature exclusive to Literal, allowing readers to personalize their literary experience by assigning familiar faces to beloved characters.

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Customize Your Reading Experience

Dive into classics with a modern twist. Imagine reading 'Little Women' with the Kardashian sisters or venturing into 'Jurassic Park' with its original cast.

Inclusivity & Diversity

Addressing the need for representation, casting empowers students to see themselves in stories, making literature more relatable and engaging.

Engage in Character Development

Teachers can utilize casting as a tool for students to visualize character growth, casting characters at the start and end of their journey.

What Educators Are Saying

Features of Casting on Literal

Community Sharing

Share your unique casts with the community, allowing others to experience stories through your lens.

Teacher Control

Educators have the autonomy to approve casts, ensuring appropriateness and alignment with classroom objectives.

Multicultural Emphasis

Casting champions diversity, making it a favorite among multicultural departments and diversity initiatives.


FAQ about Casting

Can I cast myself and my friends into a book?

Absolutely! Dive into your favorite stories as the main character or alongside your friends for a personalized reading experience.

How does Literal ensure the appropriateness of casts?

Teachers have full control over cast visibility, with the ability to approve or turn off casting for individual students or the entire class.

Is casting available for all titles on Literal?

Yes, thanks to our unique chat fiction format, casting is available for every title, enhancing your reading journey.