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Streamline your classroom management with Literal's robust assignment features. Track progress, gauge comprehension, and integrate seamlessly with your existing tools, all in real-time.

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Elevate Your Classroom Management with Literal

Dive into a world where assignments are not just tasks but tools for enhanced learning and comprehension. Literal's assignment feature is your gateway to efficient and effective classroom management.

Real-time Tracking & Insights

Dive deep into student activity and understanding. With Literal, you get real-time updates on student progress, ensuring you're always in the loop.

Time-Saving Benefits

Reclaim hours each week! Spend more time on lesson planning, grading, parent-teacher meetings, curriculum development, and mentoring students. Literal takes care of the rest.

Seamless Integrations

Sync your assignments directly with Google Classroom, Clever, and other LMS tools. Ensure consistency and ease in tracking student performance across platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Assignments

Can I customize the rubric for comprehension tools?

Yes, Literal allows educators to set their own rubrics, ensuring alignment with their teaching goals.

How does Literal handle multiple assignments for different classes?

Literal's dashboard organizes assignments by class, ensuring clarity and ease of access for both educators and students.

A Glimpse into Literal's Assignment Feature