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Dive into the vibrant world of comic books with Literal, a medium that not only captivates students but also serves as a powerful educational tool, fostering a love for reading.

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The Power of Visual Storytelling

Comic books, with their compelling visuals and narratives, have the unique ability to engage students, making them an invaluable asset in the educational realm.zz

Engaging Reluctant Readers

For those hesitant to pick up a book, comics can be the gateway, drawing them in with colorful panels and dynamic stories, igniting a newfound passion for reading.

Curriculum Alignment with AI

Our cutting-edge AI technology identifies specific sections in comics that align with state standards, ensuring educators can seamlessly integrate them into their lessons.

Age-Appropriate Selections

Every comic in our collection has been meticulously screened, ensuring they're suitable for students and approved by the strictest school districts.

Educators on Literal's Comic Collection

"Introducing comics in my classroom has transformed the reading habits of my students. They're more engaged and eager to read!"

Alex R.

Middle School English Teacher

Dive into Diverse Formats

Hybrid Prose & Comics

Experience a blend of traditional prose and comic panels, offering a unique reading experience.

Sophisticated Panel Layouts

Delve into intricate panel designs that elevate the storytelling, captivating readers at every turn.

Tailored Selections

Our comics are categorized for high school, middle school, and elementary students, ensuring age-appropriate content for all.