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Standard eReader

Literal's Standard eReader offers a familiar and traditional reading experience, ensuring students get comfortable with the formats they'll encounter after graduation

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A format for everyone
Classic Digital Reading

Literal's Standard E-Reader ensures students are not only proficient in reading but are also adept at navigating the digital platforms that dominate today's literary landscape.

Gradual Transition to Standard Reading

As students progress in their reading journey, Literal allows the gradual removal of scaffolds. From chat fiction to character identification, each tool can be deactivated, transitioning students to a conventional e-reader format.

The Importance of Familiarity

The Standard E-Reader format, with its simple black text on a white background, mirrors the digital reading platforms students will frequently encounter in academia and the workplace. This familiarity is vital for ensuring seamless transitions and adaptability.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Standard E-Reader

Why is it important for students to be familiar with the Standard E-Reader format?

As digital reading becomes more prevalent in higher education and professional settings, students who are adept at using standard e-readers will have a competitive edge in comprehension and adaptability.

Can students switch between different reading formats on Literal?

Yes, Literal offers flexibility in reading formats. Students can choose from chat fiction, graphic novels, and the Standard E-Reader, tailoring their experience to their preferences and needs.