Autoplay Feature

Experience reading like never before with Literal's unique Autoplay feature. Dive into a dynamic chat fiction format where characters seem to type in real-time, making you feel part of a live conversation.

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Engaging & Immersive

Autoplay brings stories to life, capturing the essence of real-time conversations, ensuring students remain engaged and connected to the narrative.

Seamless Integration with Audiobooks & Ereader

Autoplay works harmoniously with audiobooks and the ereader, offering a cohesive and enriched reading experience.

Benefits of the Autoplay Feature

Tailored Reading Speed

Adjust the speed of Autoplay to match your reading pace. Over time, Literal fine-tunes the speed based on your preferences, ensuring optimal comprehension.

Ideal for Overwhelmed Readers

Students daunted by large text volumes can focus on one section at a time, making reading more manageable and enjoyable.

Enhanced Comprehension

By presenting text in bite-sized, conversational chunks, Autoplay aids in better understanding and retention of content.