Personalized Avatars: A Touch of Individuality

In an educational setting where tasks and assignments are often predetermined, giving students the autonomy to personalize their avatars can be a game-changer. Literal's Personalized Avatar feature allows students to express their individuality and take ownership of their learning environment, fostering a sense of agency and engagement.

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The Power of Personalization

When students have the opportunity to make choices, even small ones like customizing an avatar, it boosts their confidence and motivation. This sense of control can translate to a more proactive approach to their studies, enhancing academic outcomes.

Safety and Compliance

While we encourage creativity, we prioritize safety. All avatar customizations can be reviewed by educators, ensuring appropriateness. Plus, with COPPA compliance, students' personal information remains protected.

Benefits of Personalized Avatars

Enhanced Engagement

Personalizing avatars can increase students' connection to the platform, making them more likely to engage with content.

Sense of Ownership

Customizing avatars gives students a stake in their learning environment, fostering a sense of responsibility.

Safe Expression

Students can express themselves creatively within a safe, monitored environment.

Compliance Assured

Literal's adherence to COPPA ensures that student data is handled with the utmost care and security.