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Dive into the future of grading with Literal's AI Grading technology. Experience unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and insights, all tailored to empower educators and enhance student learning.

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Customizable Rubrics

Align Literal's AI grading with your unique curriculum needs. Customize the grading rubric to ensure precision, reflecting your classroom's specific grading criteria.

Beyond Multiple Choice

Move past the limitations of traditional grading methods. With Literal, open-ended questions become a powerful tool, assessed accurately by our AI, providing deeper insights into student comprehension.

Real-Time Comprehension Analysis

Get instant feedback on student understanding. Literal's AI analyzes responses, aligning them with state standards, and provides immediate scores, highlighting areas of strength and improvement.

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Frequently Asked Questions about AI Grading

How accurate is the AI grading system?

Literal's AI grading system is designed for high accuracy, leveraging curriculum alignment and customizable rubrics to ensure precision in grading.

Can I review and adjust the AI-generated grades?

Absolutely! While our AI provides instant grading, educators have the flexibility to review and make adjustments as needed.

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Transform Your Grading Experience with Literal's AI

Embrace the power of technology to streamline grading, gain deeper insights, and allocate more time to interactive teaching and student engagement.

Visualize Progress Over TimeVisualize Progress Over Time

Explore the dynamic graphs and charts that showcase student comprehension progress, providing a visual representation of their academic journey