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Book Streaming

A Better Reading Tool

Facilitate a positive reading recovery effort in your school or district with forward-thinking tooling that supports standards-based instruction and appeals to student interest and motivation.

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Reading for Modern Students

Whether it's self-driven exploration or curriculum-based assignments, our classics cater to both, ensuring students remain engaged while meeting academic benchmarks.

Curriculum Alignment

Struggling to find content that aligns with state standards? Literal's classics are meticulously curated, making it effortless for teachers to match students with relevant reading material.

Independent & Assigned Reading

Whether it's self-driven exploration or curriculum-based assignments, our classics cater to both, ensuring students remain engaged while meeting academic benchmarks.

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Customer testimonials

"I noticed kids being more interested in physical books after they see how fun reading is on Literal. Literal helps students start to understand the appeal of reading."

A Florida educator in Palm Beach

“Literal is a tool that can engage students,- especially in late middle and early high school - who struggle with the very problem Literal is trying to solve: reading interest, engagement and achievement. There are many “solutions” being developed and supported for early childhood reading instruction and intervention, but there are very few solutions, if any, that are meeting the needs of our adolescent learners.”

District Parent Involvement and Compliance Coordinator, Large School District in Georgia

"What the students like best about Literal is that it looks like texting while you are reading. They like the choice of tap or autoplay and competing for who has the most reading points."

Jodi Johnson Educator using Literal in Utah

"I previously worked as a literacy coach and I am fascinated at the innovative way Literal is reshaping the reading experience for students."

Program Manager, Explore Schools

"As a HS teacher who has worked with both ELL and Sped students each year that I have taught, I personally know the struggle of encouraging a student to read. The built-in features and user interface that Literal has built is so helpful for these populations. (Literal) is filling such a needed space in education."

High School English Teacher, Frisco ISD

“We’ve been working with Literal’s technology for about a month, but we have been waiting for something like Literal for much longer! We carry over 3 million print titles and 2 million ebook titles from close to 18,000 publishers and have never seen a reading engagement product like Literal.”

Director of Professional Learning of a leading National Educational Reseller

“My two daughters are not readers. I showed them Literal and they didn’t believe it was a real book. The next day, I took them to the bookstore and had them pick up the real book they were reading on Literal the day before and they didn’t believe it was the same thing. Even better, they read all the way to page 40 in the real book.”

A Former State Educator in Georgia, who founded her own charter school

“We, like the other 100 charter schools in Utah, want to ensure that our combined 70,000students have access to the best tools and resources they need for a high quality education.Literal holds the potential to be one of those resources.”

Academic Director of a Charter School

“My students are more engaged than ever which makes me so very happy!”“A student came into class and asked to continue to read the book she started the night before on Literal because she liked it so much. That’s never happened before!”

A Utah educator who uses Literal in her classroom

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Sample features

Just a couple of our features

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Premium Content

Disney, DC and many other top comics, Plus new modern titles from the big 5 publishers.

So many Scaffolds

Toggle on/off Scaffolds for learning and engagement. including format, audio, variability, personalization and more!

Modern Look. Same Text

Every book is 100% original and unabridged. Includes updated images covers and more, all designed to engage a modern student.

Various reading formats

Standard eReader, Chat-fiction, Audio books, Comics, Manga, Graphic Novels and so much more...

ESL Tools

"Como se Dice...?" We'll tell you. We have ESL tools for over 160 languages.

Massive Library

Everything in your curriculum plus more high-interest titles than you can count.

Teaching with Literal

Hero's Journey

Showcase the quintessential hero's journey using classics, ensuring students grasp this pivotal literary concept.

Character Development

Dive deep into chapters that exemplify character growth, aiding students in understanding this crucial narrative element.

Setting & Place

Explore the nuances of setting in classics, helping students appreciate its role in shaping a story's ambiance and direction.

Cause and Effect

Illuminate the intricate web of cause and effect in classic narratives, enabling students to discern how actions and events influence subsequent outcomes.