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White Things
  • White Things

  • Anne Spencer

    Most things are colorful things— the sky, earth, and sea.

    Profile Picture of Anne Spencer in White Things
  • Black men are most men; but the white are free!

  • White things are rare things; so rare, so rare

  • They stole from out a silvered world— somewhere.

  • Finding earth-plains fair plains, save greenly grassed,

  • They strewed white feathers of cowardice, as they passed;

  • The golden stars with lances fine

  • The hills all red and darkened pine,

  • They blanched with their wand of power;

  • And turned the blood in a ruby rose

  • To a poor white poppy-flower.

  • Anne Spencer

    They pyred a race of black, black men,

    Profile Picture of Anne Spencer in White Things
  • And burned them to ashes white; then

  • Laughing, a young one claimed a skull.

  • For the skull of a black is white, not dull,

  • But a glistening awful thing;

  • Made it seems, for this ghoul to swing

  • In the face of God with all his might,

  • And swear by the hell that siréd him:

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