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To America
  • To America

  • James Weldon Johnson

    How would you have us, as we are?

    Profile Picture of James Weldon Johnson in To America
  • Or sinking 'neath the load we bear?

  • Our eyes fixed forward on a star?

  • Or gazing empty at despair?

  • James Weldon Johnson

    Rising or falling? Men or things?

    Profile Picture of James Weldon Johnson in To America
  • With dragging pace or footsteps fleet?

  • Strong, willing sinews in your wings?

  • Or tightening chains about your feet?

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Welcome to Literal!

Books on Literal are a little different, they look like a group chat. Characters have profile pictures and each sentence becomes a chat bubble.

Speaking Character


There are 4 different ways to experience reading: Auto Play, Audio Support, Tap To Read, and Free Scroll.

Tap “Next” to learn more.

Auto Play

Auto Play is the default reading mode. With Auto Play, text message bubbles load automatically.

You can play, pause, or skip forward at any time.

control bar

Audio Reader

Turning on Audio Reader adds unique audio voices for each character. Just like with Auto Play, each bubble loads automatically.

Tap the speaker icon in the control bar to turn enable Audio Support.

control bar

Tap to Read

If you want to control when every bubble appears, simply tap the skip forward icon. Doing so will automatically pause Auto Play or Audio Reader.

control bar

Free Scroll

At any time you can scroll/swipe. We’ll automatically pause Auto Play or Audio Reader if you scroll/swipe while either are playing.