The Supes

  • Chapter 1: The Bridge

  • Narrator

    Slip Stephenson crouched against a guardrail at the end of a bridge, waiting for his orders.

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  • He couldn’t wait to get started, but Drone was still developing the plan.

  • The mission looked fairly straightforward.

  • Two hundred yards ahead of Slip, dangling from one of the support beams, were two cocoons.

  • At the bottom of each cocoon was a human head, one a man’s and the other a woman’s.

  • Narrator

    The woman’s long brown hair trailed below her.

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  • Several giant bugs were crawling and flying around the cocoons.

  • Slip did a quick inventory in his head— at least eight enormous spiders and maybe six dragonflies, although they were darting about so quickly that the exact number was hard to tell.

  • Narrator

    Slip thought he saw millipedes and scorpions as well, but there were too many cars strewn about the road, obscuring his view.

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  • It wasn’t his responsibility to know the specifics; after all, Eagle was the Eyes, not Slip.

  • But still, he was about to be in the middle of all of it.

  • He didn’t want to rush in unprepared.

  • He leaned over the edge to see what was happening below, but the sun was reflecting too brightly off the surface of the muddy water.

  • He tried to shake the spots from his eyes.

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    “Looks like it’s a rescue mission,”

  • Narrator

    said Drone— the Brains.

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  • His voice was overconfident, nasal.

  • If Slip’s guess was right, Drone was somewhere downriver, far away from any of the actual danger.

  • Slip adjusted his headset so he could hear better.