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The Bent Sword
  • A Word to the Reader

  • As nice as proper beginnings are, sometimes our stories begin in Chapter Thirteen, and the explanations never come soon enough.

  • Chapter 13 – Steffin.

  • Narrator

    The war was over.

    Profile Picture of Narrator in The Bent Sword
  • Heaven thundered.

  • Earth shook.

  • Steel littered the earth, where fallen heroes took their final slumber, shrouded by thick fog.

  • The rivers ran red with the blood of men, swirling with green from the blood of goblins.

  • The fallen lay in heaps as numerous as the stars, which once filled the heavens before they fell.

  • Narrator

    Yet one soul lived on.

    Profile Picture of Narrator in The Bent Sword
  • Sir Steffin—

  • garments torn, dirty hair ablaze in the wind—

  • climbed to the highest summit and raised his blood-stained sword.

  • Flesh weary but spirit unconquerable, he directed the heavens as if their conductor, and the music—

  • the symphony and choir of heaven—

  • Narrator

    gave peace to his heavy heart.

    Profile Picture of Narrator in The Bent Sword
  • Then, with a swift swipe of his glowing blade, the clouds parted, tearing a hole in the sky.

  • Once again, starlight fell to the darkened earth.

  • Profile Picture of Sir Steffin in The Bent Sword

    Sir Steffin

    “Behold the heavens!”

  • Narrator

    he shouted over the rumble of distant thunder.

    Profile Picture of Narrator in The Bent Sword

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