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  • Story 1

  • Stu Sanderson Vanishes in the Middle of Class

  • Narrator

    Ms. Gribbs was Stu’s and my eighth-grade English teacher.

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  • She had thin lips that she smeared too much lipstick on and frizzy hair that she piled on top of her head.

  • The other thing you need to know about Ms. Gribbs is that, well, to use the technical term, the woman was batty.

  • I mean this with all due respect, but she was a total nut job.

  • We’re talking Loony Tunes here.

  • Narrator

    I’m not saying this to be cruel.

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  • I actually liked Ms. Gribbs a lot.

  • But that doesn’t change the fact that her brain was seriously warped.

  • For instance, she made us sit in a circle every day.

  • Okay, that might not sound so crazy.

  • You might have even had classes where you sat in a circle.

  • Narrator

    But if you did, I bet those classes didn’t have thirty-eight kids in them.

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  • Don’t get me wrong.

  • Her reason for making us sit in a circle was noble.

  • If I remember right, it had something to do with King Arthur.

  • He supposedly had a round table so everyone felt equally involved in whatever was going on.

  • Which is what Ms. Gribbs said she wanted too.

  • Narrator


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