Storms - Sharani Series - Book 2

  • Part 1: Failure

  • Chapter 1: Voices in the Dark

  • “On the nature of the powers of those called “mystics” by the Rahuli people: The magic, if it can be called such, is an extension of abilities already granted to men by whomever or whatever created them.

  • Though they may appear as a manipulation of the elements in a fantastic, unexplainable manner, this is merely the outward appearance.

  • These abilities are easily quantified and categorized.”

  • — From Commentary on the Schema, Volume I

  • Narrator

    Beryl fought down the voices clamoring within his mind.

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  • What Lhaurel had done, what she had become, Beryl hadn’t thought possible.

  • Not this time.

  • Not again.

  • His memories from that time in his past were scattered, partitioned away in the far corners of his mind where he kept the voices.

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    And that sword the outcast boy had with him . . .

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  • Beryl growled to himself and limped through the narrow halls of the Roterralar Warren, pushing back the voices and the memories.

  • He strode through the less-used passages, grateful that he hadn’t encountered anyone up to that point.

  • He so rarely left the comfort of his smithy and he was more than a little surly at having to leave it now.

  • But Khari had summoned him, and despite the majority of the voices in his mind protesting the fact, she was now the leader of the Roterralar.

  • Khari waited for him further down the passage, one foot tapping impatiently against the sand-strewn floor.

  • Narrator

    A crack in the ceiling allowed a narrow beam of light to filter down over the woman’s face, lightening the cloudy expression which darkened her features.

    Profile Picture of Narrator in Storms - Sharani Series - Book 2
  • Her once-black hair shone with grey.

  • Beryl remembered when she’d first come to the Roterralar, so many years ago.