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Road to Freedom

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  • PROLOGUE 1947

  • Narrator

    Early one morning, a bent and solitary man made his way down a road that ran through a quiet corner of Germany.

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  • The gray dirt of this road had been carved out of the turf one footstep, one hoof print, one turn of a wheel at a time, until it attained a life of its own amid the canvas of earth and sky, and the trees that bound each to the other.

  • Paved by the history of the men and beasts that had walked it for centuries, collecting the drama of a thousand journeys, it hid its stories in its gentle rises and low dips.

  • For long years, the peace of this land had been a rare thing, and like all rare things, those elements of its making guarded it with jealousy.

  • Narrator

    The man walked wrapped in a Wehrmacht greatcoat a size too large, his shadow stretched behind him as he walked into the rising sun.

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  • He wore the coat as a matter of convenience, finding this easier than carrying it in the short period of time before the summer day grew too warm.

  • Sweat had already begun to chill his forehead in the cool air.

  • An overnight train had brought him to the town he sought, but no buses came this far into the countryside.

  • The best he had been able to manage were vague directions from a sleepy shopkeeper, just opening for the day:

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    Sleepy Shopkeeper

    “Head down this road out of town about three, four miles, and turn right when you come to a crossroads with a big tree on one corner.

  • It’s a few more miles beyond that, give or take.”

  • Narrator

    No one offered him a ride, and he had no money to make it worth someone’s trouble.

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  • So he walked.

  • A couple of miles out of town, he found himself lost in a maze of dirt roads, with trees big and small flanking crossroads and side roads and rutted paths that crisscrossed the main road.

  • Still, he was determined to keep at it until he found someone who could get him oriented again, and if night fell, he’d settle under a good tree.

  • He had long since learned how to sleep on the ground.

  • Narrator

    He walked on, not knowing how long, knowing only when the scant breakfast he’d eaten had worn off and pain flared in his right leg.

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  • He knew hunger well and could push it down.

  • The pain, however, mattered more.