Perditions Gateway

  • Chapter 1

  • White Rock, California

  • Narrator

    It was early, but that was the way he wanted it.

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  • The sun was just breaking over the summit of Mt. San Lucia, and the light bounced off the hood of his series 7 BMW, causing him to squint as he turned into the entrance of BIODYNE Industries.

  • It was the first day of August, and it looked to be a hot one.

  • He wanted some time to himself before all the insanity began.

  • Insanityโ€”

  • that seemed like the best word to describe what he was about to do, at least as far as the press was concerned.

  • He considered for a brief moment what he was feeling on this last day of his life.

  • There was no fearโ€”

  • none.

  • That surprised him.

  • He knew the science was solid.

  • The hardware had been checked and rechecked by Mason and his team.

  • Every possible negative scenario had been considered.

  • Zack Mason, his best friend and project chief, had developed an immediate response algorithm for every possible mechanical or biological failure.

  • No, fear was not one of the many emotions he was experiencing.

  • Narrator

    The dream had come again last night, but it now brought a degree of calm, as if some force beyond his understanding was assuring him that his decision to leave life for a year was the right thing to do, a decision that had nothing at all to do with the business of tissue activation and vitrification.

    Profile Picture of Narrator in Perditions Gateway
  • He now found a measure of comfort in the darkness, the rush of wind, and the voice that was oddly familiar.

  • He felt his heart pounding faster and harder than usual.