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  • Ralph Waldon Emerson

    Winters know

    Profile Picture of Ralph Waldon Emerson in Nature
  • Easily to shed the snow,

  • And the untaught Spring is wise

  • In cowslips and anemonies.

  • Nature, hating art and pains,

  • Ralph Waldon Emerson

    Baulks and baffles plotting brains;

    Profile Picture of Ralph Waldon Emerson in Nature
  • Casualty and Surprise

  • Are the apples of her eyes;

  • But she dearly loves the poor,

  • And, by marvel of her own,

  • Strikes the loud pretender down.

  • Ralph Waldon Emerson

    For Nature listens in the rose

    Profile Picture of Ralph Waldon Emerson in Nature
  • And hearkens in the berry's bell

  • To help her friends, to plague her foes,

  • And like wise God she judges well.

  • Yet doth much her love excel

  • Ralph Waldon Emerson

    To the souls that never fell,

    Profile Picture of Ralph Waldon Emerson in Nature
  • To swains that live in happiness

  • And do well because they please,

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