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    On this case Doctor Hesselius has inscribed nothing more than the words, β€œHarman's Report,” and a simple reference to his own extraordinary Essay on β€œThe Interior Sense, and the Conditions of the Opening thereof.”

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  • The reference is to Vol. I., Section 317, Note ZA.

  • The note to which reference is thus made, simply says:

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    β€œThere are two accounts of the remarkable case of the Honourable Mr. Justice Harbottle, one furnished to me by Mrs. Trimmer, of Tunbridge Wells (June, 1805);

  • the other at a much later date, by Anthony Harman, Esq.

  • I much prefer the former;

  • in the first place, because it is minute and detailed, and written, it seems to me, with more caution and knowledge;

  • and in the next, because the letters from Dr. Hedstone, which are embodied in it, furnish matter of the highest value to a right apprehension of the nature of the case.

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    It was one of the best declared cases of an opening of the interior sense, which I have met with.

  • It was affected too, by the phenomenon, which occurs so frequently as to indicate a law of these eccentric conditions;

  • that is to say, it exhibited what I may term, the contagious character of this sort of intrusion of the spirit-world upon the proper domain of matter.

  • So soon as the spirit-action has established itself in the case of one patient, its developed energy begins to radiate, more or less effectually, upon others.

  • The interior vision of the child was opened;

  • as was, also, that of its mother, Mrs. Pyneweck;

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    and both the interior vision and hearing of the scullery-maid, were opened on the same occasion.

  • After-appearances are the result of the law explained in Vol. II., Section 17 to 49.

  • The common centre of association, simultaneously recalled, unites, or reunites, as the case may be, for a period measured, as we see, in Section 37.

  • The maximum will extend to days, the minimum is little more than a second.