• Medea

  • Chorus of Corinthian Women, with their Leader.

  • Soldiers and Attendants.

  • The scene is laid in Corinth.

  • The play was first acted when Pythodôrus was Archon, Olympiad 87, year 1 (B.C. 431).

  • Euphorion was first, Sophocles second, Euripides third, with Medea, Philoctêtes, Dictys, and the Harvesters, a Satyr-play.

  • The Scene represents the front of Medea's House in Corinth.

  • A road to the right leads towards the royal castle, one on the left to the harbour.

  • The Nurse is discovered alone.

  • Profile Picture of Nurse in Medea


    Would God no Argo e'er had winged the seas

  • To Colchis through the blue Symplêgades:

  • No shaft of riven pine in Pêlion's glen

  • Shaped that first oar-blade in the hands of men

  • Valiant, who won, to save King Pelias' vow,

  • The fleece All-golden! Never then, I trow,

  • Profile Picture of Nurse in Medea


    Mine own princess, her spirit wounded sore

  • With love of Jason, to the encastled shore

  • Had sailed of old Iôlcos: never wrought

  • The daughters of King Pelias, knowing not,

  • To spill their father's life: nor fled in fear,