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Math = Silence

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  • Chapter One

  • Narrator

    Tyler could faintly hear his alarm clock going off under the Imagine Dragons song streaming through his ear buds.

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  • He rolled over and hit the top of the clock.

  • Then he pulled the covers up over his head and curled up on his side.

  • He did the same thing every weekday morning.

  • It was the only thing about the routine that he liked:

  • Alarm goes off.

  • Narrator

    Hit the alarm.

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  • Take out ear buds.

  • Turn off smartphone.

  • Roll over for five more minutes.

  • And then quiet.

  • Once he got his skinny body out of bed, he would open his window and listen to the songbirds greeting the morning.

  • Narrator

    Then he’d pick up a pad, a piece of artist’s charcoal, and begin to sketch.

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  • Last year he decided he would draw what he saw outside his bedroom window every day for a year.

  • He mostly wanted to see if he could do it for 365 days.

  • But also he was curious to see how things changed;

  • the things he didn’t usually notice until some big difference occurred.

  • Tyler was curious overall, much more so than a lot of his classmates.

  • Narrator

    His friend group was small anyway.

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