Keeping Time

  • Chapter One

  • Keeping Time

  • Narrator

    The group was an odd one.

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  • A teenage boy leaned against the marble columns, his pants torn and smudged and his threadbare waistcoat barely covering his chest.

  • No one knew who he was or cared to ask his name.

  • Ms. Anne Davis, a wealthy widow, immediately settled into an armchair and peeked at her appearance for the third time that morning.

  • Her hand was shaking slightly as she held up the gold plated pocket mirror.

  • A young immigrant couple stood silently away from the group.

  • Narrator

    They were dressed in their finest clothing:

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  • she in her black skirt, cream blouse, and Sunday hat, and he in his tweed suit, which had been his grandfathers.

  • Were they Italian?

  • Hungarian?

  • No one knew.

  • Another couple sashayed through the great oak bank doors:

  • Narrator

    a movie producer with the Sunday edition, November 10th newspaper tucked under his arm and a pipe lazily drooping from the corner of his mouth, and his girlfriend Lucille, an actress with a glamorous dress and red clutch that matched her ruby lips, and cold, hawk-like green eyes that did not match her sweet demeanor.

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  • They settled into the love seat.

  • Each minded his or her own business, and each had no real interest in the others.

  • The teenage boy watched them all carefully.

  • Chapter Two

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    The Bank Employee

    β€œLadies and gentlemen,”