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    Martin Hesselius, the German Physician

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  • Though carefully educated in medicine and surgery, I have never practised either.

  • The study of each continues, nevertheless, to interest me profoundly.

  • Neither idleness nor caprice caused my secession from the honourable calling which I had just entered.

  • The cause was a very trifling scratch inflicted by a dissecting knife.

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    This trifle cost me the loss of two fingers, amputated promptly, and the more painful loss of my health, for I have never been quite well since, and have seldom been twelve months together in the same place.

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  • In my wanderings I became acquainted with Dr. Martin Hesselius, a wanderer like myself, like me a physician, and like me an enthusiast in his profession.

  • Unlike me in this, that his wanderings were voluntary, and he a man, if not of fortune, as we estimate fortune in England, at least in what our forefathers used to term “easy circumstances.”

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    He was an old man when I first saw him;

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  • nearly five-and-thirty years my senior.

  • In Dr. Martin Hesselius, I found my master.

  • His knowledge was immense, his grasp of a case was an intuition.

  • He was the very man to inspire a young enthusiast, like me, with awe and delight.

  • My admiration has stood the test of time and survived the separation of death.

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    I am sure it was well-founded.

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  • For nearly twenty years I acted as his medical secretary.

  • His immense collection of papers he has left in my care, to be arranged, indexed and bound.

  • His treatment of some of these cases is curious.