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  • Don’t Sit Still

  • Sit still.

  • Narrator

    That’s usually the first rule when you’re lost.

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  • Start wandering around and you’ll just get more lost.

  • Stay where you are.

  • Then it’s more likely someone will find you.

  • Narrator

    But what if you’re not really lost?

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  • What if you don’t want to be found?

  • What if being found means something a whole lot worse than being lost?

  • What then?

  • Nick looked around.

  • The stream in front of him seemed to be running from east to west toward the distant ocean.

  • Narrator

    The train trestle in front of him was going north to south.

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  • High overhead, it arced like a steel rainbow between the two tunnels bored into the mountains.

  • But that was nearly all he knew about where he was.

  • Except that he was somewhere between the place he’d left and the place he was going.

  • And that he was in a wilderness area with forests and mountains all around him.

  • He was also far from the nearest train station.

  • Narrator

    How far?

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