Finding Grace


  • The Dance

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    Standing on the sidelines of the large arena, Autumn clasped her hands in front of her and sighed.

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  • She was so nervous.

  • To even be there was a huge deal for her.

  • Normally she would prefer to sit in the audience and applaud those who were brave enough to put themselves out there and dance for hundreds of people.

  • On top of that, this was a contest, so she was being judged.

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    While Aunt Jessie clearly thought she was ready, she didn’t feel ready.

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  • This was an important time, for the Jingle Dress dance was one hundred years old now.

  • Aunt Jessie had told her the dance had come about in Minnesota during the Spanish flu epidemic.

  • The dance was a healing one, and the first dance was said to have healed a sick little girl.

  • Every Jingle Dress dancer dances for others who are sick or hurting in some way.

  • Autumn knew it to be a very powerful dance of prayer.

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    She watched as the music started and a young girl began dancing.

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  • She moved methodically and gracefully, and it was obvious to Autumn that the girl had been dancing all her life.

  • The dance seemed to become a part of her, and Autumn wondered if her own dancing would give away how nervous she really was to even be there.

  • She glanced behind her to see Aunt Jessie smiling at her.

  • Her father and mother were there as well, and Adam sat beside them in the bleachers with a grin on his face.

  • She smiled back at them as she adjusted the beaded necklace her father had made for her.

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    Her red dress was simple, with sequins sewn into designs.

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