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Fate and Magic
  • Chapter 1

  • Narrator

    After losing everything, there was only one option.

    Profile Picture of Narrator in Fate and Magic
  • Jump.

  • Go all in.

  • With both fangs.

  • It was the punishment I deserved after what I’d done.

  • Before a few months ago, I didn’t eat meat.

  • Narrator

    Now I craved blood.

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  • As a full-fledged vampire, I couldn’t get enough, and I’d decided to embrace it.

  • Accept my new lot in life as a wicked supernatural creature.

  • I’d become something I hadn’t believed possible, but now that I’d changed, the truth was, I liked it.

  • At least while I partook.

  • Afterward, when the blood haze faded, guilt would edge its way in.

  • Narrator

    I hadn’t killed another human, not since Gabe, but killing him was horror enough.

    Profile Picture of Narrator in Fate and Magic
  • It ate at my heart.

  • I remembered the grotesque way his body lay on the floor.

  • The way Professor Pops and the guys looked at me with loathing, disgust, and fear.

  • But I deserved it.

  • I’d become a monster and killed a boy I thought I might love.

  • Narrator

    A brother.

    Profile Picture of Narrator in Fate and Magic

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