Farewell Address to Congress

  • Farewell Speech

  • Douglas Macarthur

    Mr. President, Mr. Speaker, and Distinguished Members of the Congress:

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  • I stand on this rostrum with a sense of deep humility and great pride -- humility in the wake of those great American architects of our history who have stood here before me;

  • pride in the reflection that this forum of legislative debate represents human liberty in the purest form yet devised.

  • Here are centered the hopes and aspirations and faith of the entire human race.

  • I do not stand here as advocate for any partisan cause, for the issues are fundamental and reach quite beyond the realm of partisan consideration.

  • They must be resolved on the highest plane of national interest if our course is to prove sound and our future protected.

  • I trust, therefore, that you will do me the justice of receiving that which I have to say as solely expressing the considered viewpoint of a fellow American.

  • Douglas Macarthur

    I address you with neither rancor nor bitterness in the fading twilight of life, with but one purpose in mind:

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  • to serve my country.

  • The issues are global and so interlocked that to consider the problems of one sector, oblivious to those of another, is but to court disaster for the whole.

  • While Asia is commonly referred to as the Gateway to Europe, it is no less true that Europe is the Gateway to Asia, and the broad influence of the one cannot fail to have its impact upon the other.

  • There are those who claim our strength is inadequate to protect on both fronts, that we cannot divide our effort.

  • I can think of no greater expression of defeatism.

  • Douglas Macarthur

    If a potential enemy can divide his strength on two fronts, it is for us to counter his effort.

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  • The Communist threat is a global one.

  • Its successful advance in one sector threatens the destruction of every other sector.

  • You can not appease or otherwise surrender to communism in Asia without simultaneously undermining our efforts to halt its advance in Europe.

  • Beyond pointing out these general truisms, I shall confine my discussion to the general areas of Asia.

  • Before one may objectively assess the situation now existing there, he must comprehend something of Asia's past and the revolutionary changes which are -- which have marked her course up to the present.