• Scene

  • At Mycenae, before the palace of the Pelopidae.

  • It is morning and the new-risen sun is bright.

  • The PAEDAGOGUS enters on the left of the spectators, accompanied by the two youths, ORESTES and PYLADES.

  • Profile Picture of Paedagogus in Electra


    Son of him who led our hosts at Troy of old, son of Agamemnon!- now thou mayest behold with thine eyes all that thy soul hath desired so long.

  • There is the ancient Argos of thy yearning,- that hallowed scene whence the gadfly drove the daughter of Inachus;

  • and there, Orestes, is the Lycean Agora, named from the wolf-slaying god;

  • there, on the left, Hera's famous temple;

  • and in this place to which we have come, deem that thou seest Mycenae rich in gold, with the house of the Pelopidae there, so often stained with bloodshed;

  • whence I carried thee of yore, from the slaying of thy father, as thy kinswoman, thy sister, charged me;

  • and saved thee, and reared thee up to manhood, to be the avenger of thy murdered sire.

  • Profile Picture of Paedagogus in Electra


    Now, therefore, Orestes, and thou, best of friends, Pylades, our plans must be laid quickly;

  • for lo, already the sun's bright ray is waking the songs of the birds into clearness, and the dark night of stars is spent.

  • Before, then, anyone comes forth from the house, take counsel;

  • seeing that the time allows not of delay, but is full ripe for deeds.

  • Profile Picture of Orestes in Electra


    True friend and follower, how well dost thou prove thy loyalty to our house!

  • As a steed of generous race, though old, loses not courage in danger, but pricks his ear, even so thou urgest us forward, and art foremost in our support.

  • I will tell thee, then, what I have determined;

  • listen closely to my words, and correct me, if I miss the mark in aught.

  • When I went to the Pythian oracle, to learn how I might avenge my father on his murderers, Phoebus gave me the response which thou art now to hear:- that alone, and by stealth, without aid of arms or numbers, I should snatch the righteous vengeance of my hand.