Edward 3

  • Edward III: Act 1, Scene 1

  • London. A room of state in the palace.

  • (King Edward; Derby; Prince Edward; Audley; Artois; Warwick; Lords; Duke of Lorraine; Mountague)

  • Enter King Edward, Derby, Prince Edward, Audley, and Artois.

  • Profile Picture of King Edward in Edward 3

    King Edward

    Robert of Artois, banished though thou be

  • From France, thy native Country, yet with us

  • Thou shalt retain as great a Seigniorie:

  • For we create thee Earl of Richmond here.

  • And now go forwards with our pedigree:

  • Who next succeeded Philip le Bew?

  • Profile Picture of Lord Audley in Edward 3

    Lord Audley

    Three sons of his, which all successfully

  • Did sit upon their father's regal throne,

  • Yet died, and left no issue of their loins.

  • Profile Picture of Earl Of Derby in Edward 3

    Earl Of Derby

    But was my mother sister unto those?

  • Profile Picture of King Edward in Edward 3

    King Edward

    She was, my lord; and only Isabel

  • Was all the daughters that this Philip had,

  • Whom afterward your father took to wife;

  • And from the fragrant garden of her womb

  • Your gracious self, the flower of Europe's hope,

  • Derived is inheritor to France.