King Arthur

  • The Coming of Merlin

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    Merlin the wizard caused Arthur to be King of Britain.

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  • No one else knew that Arthur was a prince and that he had been given to Merlin to be watched over in secret and brought to the throne.

  • Merlin's boyhood is as hidden as Arthur's.

  • Before Arthur was king, his father Uther reigned, and before Uther came Vortiger.

  • During the reign of Vortiger, Merlin first appears as a nine-year-old boy.

  • In Merlin's youth the island of England, Scotland, and Wales was called by two names β€”

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    Logres or Britain.

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  • The Romans called it Britain from the name of a tribe of people living in it, but Logres was the name that its own people used.

  • From the beginning it was an island of marvels, with its mysterious temple of Stonehenge, its

  • Celtic priests white-robed Druids, its gold, and its pearls.

  • The stormy seas that beat its coasts prevented traders from reaching the island easily and added to its mystery.

  • In the first century after the birth of Christ the Romans conquered Britain and added it to their empire.

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    They brought peace to the island, built roads and towns, and taught the people how to obey the laws and live peacefully together.

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  • Among the Roman solΒ­diers were some who had been told about Jesus Christ, and they spread Christianity to the people in Britain.

  • Four hundred years went by.

  • Britain prospered, but Rome weakened.

  • Her armies had to be drawn back nearer to Rome itself, and by the year 410 the last of the soldiers left the island.

  • By this time a great many of the British people were Christian.

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    They had built churches and decorated them with beautiful work in gold and silver.

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