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Blue Snow

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  • Chapter One

  • Paul Joyce

    My dad said I had to try harder in school.

    Profile Picture of Paul Joyce in Blue Snow
  • I sat in the car with my parents, getting ready to go back.

  • Profile Picture of Mom in Blue Snow


    “Paul, study more.

  • We love you,”

  • Paul Joyce

    said Mom.

    Profile Picture of Paul Joyce in Blue Snow
  • She gave me a little kiss on my cheek.

  • Profile Picture of Dad in Blue Snow


    “If you need anything, call us,”

  • Paul Joyce

    said Dad.

    Profile Picture of Paul Joyce in Blue Snow
  • He shook my hand and patted my shoulder.

  • I grabbed my blue suitcase and my backpack.

  • Opened the car door.

  • I got out, and my parents drove away.

  • The air was cold.

  • Paul Joyce

    Small snowflakes were blowing in the wind.

    Profile Picture of Paul Joyce in Blue Snow
  • I wiped my cheek to make sure Mom hadn't left any red lipstick.

  • I didn't want the other boys to make fun of me.

  • I don't like being laughed at.

  • I walked toward the giant stone building of Willow Hill Academy.

  • There was snow on the roof and on top of all the tree branches.

Welcome to a new way to read!

Regular books are just lines and pages of text but Literal books look like a group chat. This intro will show you how to:

  1. Change and use the 4 different reading modes.
  2. Interact with the book to comment, take notes, and more.

Auto Load


When you select Auto Load you can set your reading speed (WPM), press play, and read the story as if the book were a group chat happening live.

AI Reader


Selecting the AI Reader will add AI voices to Auto Load so that you can hear the book read to you while each line of the book loads.

Tap To Load


If you'd rather control when each line of the book loads select Tap To Load. As you read tap the “Next Message” button to load the next line.

Free Scroll


Free Scroll mode allows you to do just as the name implies and freely scroll up or down throughout the book. All messages are pre-loaded in this mode.

Reader Tools


While reading you can tap on a speech bubble to make social comments, write private notes, define words, and translate words or sentences.

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