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  • Narrator

    Lo! the Spear-Danes’ glory through splendid achievements

    Profile Picture of Narrator in Beowulf
  • The folk-kings’ former fame we have heard of,

  • How princes displayed then their prowess-in-battle.

  • Oft Scyld the Scefing from scathers in numbers

  • Narrator

    From many a people their mead-benches tore.

    Profile Picture of Narrator in Beowulf
  • Since first he found him friendless and wretched,

  • The earl had had terror: comfort he got for it,

  • Waxed ’neath the welkin, world-honor gained,

  • Till all his neighbors o’er sea were compelled to

  • Narrator

    Bow to his bidding and bring him their tribute:<br>

    Profile Picture of Narrator in Beowulf
  • An excellent atheling! After was borne him

  • A son and heir, young in his dwelling,

  • Whom God-Father sent to solace the people.

  • He had marked the misery malice had caused them,

  • Narrator

    That reaved of their rulers they wretched had erstwhile

    Profile Picture of Narrator in Beowulf
  • Long been afflicted. The Lord, in requital,

  • Wielder of Glory, with world-honor blessed him.

  • Famed was Beowulf, far spread the glory

  • Of Scyld’s great son in the lands of the Danemen.

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