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Autumn's Dawn

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  • Happy Reunion

  • Narrator

    Autumn sighed.

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  • With a jolt, her head hit the truck’s window for the third time.

  • She rubbed the painful spot and then adjusted the small blanket she had propped up against the window.

  • Her mother had packed the blanket, as well as several other items, in her duffle bag for the trip, and she had promptly taken it out as soon as she had gotten into the rickety old truck.

  • She closed her eyes, trying to block out the sun that was shining in through the windows, and yawned.

  • Narrator

    It had already been a long day.

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  • Her father, Tom, was sprawled out next to her, driving.

  • He had picked her up very early that morning and had waited somewhat impatiently for Autumn to get ready.

  • Now he was weaving in and out of traffic as he passed cars with boats hitched to them heading for the lake in the other direction.

  • They had been on the road for what seemed like forever.

  • Autumn knew they had at least an hour to go before they arrived in Minneapolis and got to Aunt Jessie’s apartment.

  • Narrator

    She clutched the duffle bag she had refused to put in the back seat and sat up now, letting the blanket drop into her lap.

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  • Profile Picture of Autumn in Autumn's Dawn


    “Are we there yet?”

  • Narrator

    she asked, her mouth twitching as she tried not to smile.

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    “Yup . . . get out.”

  • Narrator

    Autumn grinned and then laughed.

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  • She knew he would say that.

  • They were going about sixty miles an hour down the highway at the moment.

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