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    ANTIGONE and ISMENE before the Palace gates.

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    Ismene, sister of my blood and heart,

  • See'st thou how Zeus would in our lives fulfill

  • The weird of Oedipus, a world of woes!

  • For what of pain, affliction, outrage, shame,

  • Is lacking in our fortunes, thine and mine?

  • And now this proclamation of today

  • Made by our Captain-General to the State,

  • What can its purport be?

  • Didst hear and heed,

  • Or art thou deaf when friends are banned as foes?

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    To me, Antigone, no word of friends

  • Has come, or glad or grievous, since we twain

  • Were reft of our two brethren in one day

  • By double fratricide;

  • and since i' the night

  • Our Argive leaguers fled, no later news

  • Has reached me, to inspirit or deject.

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    I know 'twas so, and therefore summoned thee