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A Name Earned

  • Not Again

  • Profile Picture of Dad in A Name Earned


    “It was an accident.”

  • Bobby Byington

    How many times have I heard that?

    Profile Picture of Bobby Byington in A Name Earned
  • It was an accident.

  • From the time I was a little kid.

  • It was an accident.

  • Dad didn’t mean to break my shoulder.

  • Hoke, yeah, he might have meant to shove me down the stairs.

  • Bobby Byington

    But the stairs are carpeted, the floor is carpeted— what’s my problem anyway?

    Profile Picture of Bobby Byington in A Name Earned
  • It was an accident.

  • So Mom left, and I dug a hole in the backyard, behind a giant oak tree.

  • I had to hide somewhere.

  • I found an old wooden door at a nearby junkyard and somehow carried it home.

  • Bobby Byington

    I tossed it over our backyard fence, dragged it across the yard, and covered the hole with it.

    Profile Picture of Bobby Byington in A Name Earned
  • I glued leaves and grass and broken branches on top of the door, so it looked like our weedy and overgrown backyard.

  • Nothing more.

  • So I now had my very own secret backyard room.

  • And since it was summertime and Dad didn’t report me missing, I was free.

  • Yeah.

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