A Hoosier Holiday


  • Theodore (Narrator)

    IT was at a modest evening reception I happened to be giving to a new poet of renown that the idea of the holiday was first conceived.

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  • I had not seen Franklin, subsequent companion of this pilgrimage, in all of eight or nine months, his work calling him in one direction, mine in another.

  • He is an illustrator of repute, a master of pen and ink, what you would call a really successful artist.

  • He has a studio in New York, another in Indianaโ€”

  • his home townโ€”

  • a car, a chauffeur, and so on.

  • I first met Franklin ten years before, when he was fresh from Indiana and working on the Sunday supplement of a now defunct New York paper.

  • Theodore (Narrator)

    I was doing the same.

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  • I was drawn to him then because he had such an air of unsophisticated and genial simplicity while looking so much the artist.

  • I liked his long, strong aquiline nose, and his hair of a fine black and silver, though he was then only twenty-seven or eight.

  • It is now whiteโ€”

  • a soft, artistic shock of it, glistening white.

  • Franklin is a Christian Scientist, or dreamy metaphysician, a fact which may not commend him in the eyes of many, though one would do better to await a full metaphysical interpretation of his belief.

  • Theodore (Narrator)

    It would do almost as well to call him a Buddhist or a follower of the Bhagavad Gita.

    Profile Picture of Theodore (Narrator) in A Hoosier Holiday
  • He has no hard and fast Christian dogmas in mind.

  • In fact, he is not a Christian at all, in the accepted sense, but a genial, liberal, platonic metaphysician.

  • I know of no better way to describe him.

  • Socalled sin, as something wherewith to reproach one, does not exist for him.

  • He has few complaints to make concerning people's weaknesses or errors.