William Shakespeare
Edward 3
Edward 3 cover image
Ruthless King Edward barges into war with France and a scuffle with the Countess of Salisbury. Watch as he seeks to reclaim what is supposedly his.

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  • Earl Of Derby
  • King Edward
  • English Herald
  • Sir John Copland
  • Philippa
  • Second Citizen of Calais
  • First Citizen of Calais
  • All Citizens of Calais
  • Second English Esquire
  • First English Esquire
  • Second French Captain
  • Third French Herald
  • Second French Herald
  • First French Herald
  • First French Captain
  • Lord Percy
  • Poor Inhabitant of Calais
  • Villiers
  • Earl of Salisbury
  • Earl of Mountford
  • All Frenchmen
  • Gobin de Grey
  • Fourth Frenchman
  • Frenchwoman
  • Second Frenchman
  • First Frenchman
  • Third Frenchman
  • Philip
  • French Mariner
  • Polish Captain
  • King of Bohemia
  • Charles
  • John de Valois, King of France
  • Earl of Derby
  • Lodowick
  • Second Scottish Messenger
  • First Scottish Messenger
  • Earl Douglas
  • David, King of Scotland
  • Countess of Salisbury
  • Sir William Mountague
  • Earl of Warwick
  • Prince Edward
  • Duke of Lorraine
  • Lord Audley
  • Robert of Artois
  • Edward III

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